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COURSES: Currently you can only book 1:1 lessons tutored by me.
There will be online courses available for purchase very soon

EVENTS: Free masterclasses, meet ups with other students, immersive courses…

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You just have to click on “START NOW” from the main menu to access my calendar and see if there are any spaces available to book your first private lesson. Pay after the class and ONLY if you wish to continue learning Spanish with me.

You can see more information about my lessons and prices by clicking on “WHAT TO EXPECT” in the main menu.


Try to always reschedule rather than cancel a lesson. If you have to cancel you will get a full refund as a discount in your next bill as long as you give 48h notice; half refund if you give 24h notice. There won’t be a refund if the class is canceled with less than 24h notice.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Contact Me 24/7